Thank you and future reviews!

Thank you and future reviews!

I would like to address the people that took a look at my newbie reviews and given me feedback on them! I appreciate all the critique I get back and will use this to further improve my craft!

Now for future reviews, I plan to review a couple more anime series and a couple video games. I may do a rant or two in the future about older games but those will be a surprise.

Future anime series that I have in store are:

-Kuzu No Honkai

-Youjo Senki

-Masamune-Kun No Revenge

I will not be reading the manga for most of them because I would like to elaborate on more of the emotion bases and such within the anime which is more visual based but I may take a shot at them just to further assist when writing the review!

So with that in mind here are some games I will be reviewing:

-Stardew Valley

-Rainbow Six Siege

-Dirty Bomb

Reviews will come in the following weeks or months. Anime will take a while since they release one episode a week and I gotta finish all of them. By the time they are done, I will get straight to work! The video game reviews will come earlier since they are games that have been out but can be reviewed over because of the content.

Again, I appreciate all the feed back and support some you guys have given me and I hope to see you enjoying my following reviews! Take it easy!