A Review and In-depth look on Fuuka -Spoilers Ahead

A Review and In-depth look on Fuuka -Spoilers Ahead

Since this is my first review, I would like to make things clear. I will try to be unbiased for all of my reviews in the future to come and as the reader I hope you read these reviews with that intention in mind. I hope you enjoy!

Onto the review:

Fuuka was created by the infamous Seo Kouji. Seo Kouji has miraculously defined emotion within his stories and created something that most of us can relate to. fuukaanime

Within this story, the topic being: hardships and effort in everyday life.

I believe a lot of people overlook these type of messages put into the story that the author is trying to convey. Most people on the outside tend to think that the story is a baseless love story that has been mashed with harem and music and can not compare to other musical love stories. This is somewhat true. The story is paced quite fast and harem is everywhere but I do believe it shares it’s expression in a different way. I was uninterested at the beginning because the art style looked similar to mainstream anime/manga albeit very boring. As well as the bio of the story seemed rather uninteresting. After giving it a try though, I was hooked.

Quick summary of the story: The main character Yuu Haruna meets Fuuka Akitsuki (girl in the picture) in the most cliche way. We get insight on their build up as friends to eventually romantic love interests. You see drama everywhere that is consistently seen in other manga; all the same old stuff. They then start a band and Fuuka knows how to sing right off the bat! (not big surprise) Essentially, you will see a lot of similarities to rom-coms and other romantic manga out there. Yuu and Fuuka start dating and play at their school. This is where the story gets interesting.


A lot of people are stunned at Seo for doing this but I believe he had a great reason of doing it. Right after Yuu and Fuuka’s band play at their school, they land a gig instantly at some random place because of another character’s connections. When they get there, Fuuka’s the only one missing. Reason? Because shes late. But as shes running towards the venue, she drops her cell phone strap in the middle of the road (really?) and gets hit by a truck eventually leading to her death. From what I’ve seen, this was the biggest discussion of the story and many people have given their opinion on it. It was so controversial and it hit many people like a truck (possible pun intended) even I was stunned.

This was the juiciest part of the whole entire story though and Seo made the right decision in killing her off. Firstly, within the story, Yuu who is the main character is supposed to be the main character. However, Fuuka when present, instantly takes that spotlight and puts Yuu in her shadow. I believe a lot of people have overlooked this fact and thats what got Seo to make this decision and later on, you see it get a whole lot better.

As per obvious, Yuu grieves because the person he loves is dead. He doesn’t go to band practice, misses school and completely tunes himself out of the world. He is in the state of constant limbo and doesn’t want out. He eventually gets convinced and realizes his true feelings then confronts them. He then sets forth to looking forward and trying his hardest to start the band up again and to become the best band ever (over another really good band).The story then picks up with the sheer fortitude with Yuu and it completely flips this book in an entirely different but good way. It finally feels like Yuu is the main character after this whole fiasco.


The thing is, these types of anime/manga have valuable messages for everyone and it warms my heart to know that authors still convey this message. The main character: Yuu Haruna goes through a lot in the story and it honestly is somewhat relatable. Think about when the last time something was completely taken from you within the blink of an eye. Whether that be a test grade or even as simple as time. You most likely felt horrified, angry, confused and above all else asked, why?

The story also brings into light the idea of hard work and what it can really do. This was probably the hardest pill to swallow because of how relatable it was. Within the story, we know that Yuu was in a constant state of depression but he turned that upside down and into a force of nature which proved to the audience that hard work can pay off and the amount of effort you put in will get you to your destination.

I think I got most of my fanboying out of the way. Now its onto the downright atrocious stuff.

The story lacks compelling nature. To some, the story is extremely fast and I do agree. With the whole death, it was very sudden. If there was a proper build up of some kind it would have swam in clear waters. The art style is kind of off-putting. I say this because thats one of the things a person looks at (along with the bio of course). It gives off the impression that it will be another mainstream rom-com with lots of drama with no clear pathway. Something that I noted in the anime is the different styles they use as well. In most of the scenes it looks like a rom-com type of style and other times it strives to be realistic-looking. This was probably the most confusing for myself because I couldn’t pin which style they wanted to use more as it was ever-changing. The dramatic scenes are either very dramatic or something that is seen quite a bit. For example, many, many misunderstandings happen…like too many to count. There is no creativity when the author made these scenes and I feel they were copy and pasted into the story just to have plot fillers. Some characters are completely left out of the loop and suddenly reappear to then move the plot again. This was lazy and disgustingly bad; to create an impacting character only later to be in less than 1/8 of the chapters and all of a sudden move plot again. (Koyuki, talking about you) It is clear that while Fuuka is an outstanding manga/anime, it lacks empathy for the reader and gives the reader a hard time to understand the message it is trying to convey.

In conclusion, Fuuka is a story that will play with your emotions. It has elements of music and romantic comedy, brings a message that is quite hard to understand but extremely motivating, and theres of course fan service. It is a strong story however, there are many things that this manga/anime can improve on. I hope this story stays to its roots and continues to be an inspiration to many.  I understand why many people defer away from the story but when looking through a looking glass, there are many fantastic things about this story that can inspire you. You just simply have to keep looking forward.



That is my review of Fuuka! Thanks for checking it out and if you like this type of thing follow me!

This is the Ryong20 signing out!

p.s. Sara is best waifu :3




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